Convocatorias – Ayudas públicas


Temática: TICs

Ámbito: Privado

Alcance: Regional

Convocante: Telefónica, Valenciaport Foundation

Fecha: 04/12/2022

Opentop, the Open Innovation HUB of the Valenciaport Foundation in collaboration with Telefónica, brings you the 1st edition of its acceleration program for startups. One more year we open the doors of the port of Valencia to revolutionize the port sector thanks to technology and collaboration. If you have a restless mind and want to have fun starting your technological project in a unique environment, do not hesitate, join our 1st Call for Acceleration!


At Opentop we are looking for ideas related to port technology to revolutionize the port industry. Our personalized incubation and acceleration program, developed in collaboration with Telefónica, offers you the opportunity to accelerate your business in the heart of the Mediterranean with access to world leading companies, top-level mentors, financing and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in one of the countries more Emblematic cities of the Mediterranean


What are we looking for:

We are looking for startups to solve the following challenges that are brought into the program through our partners:


1. Challenge 1 Sponsored by Boluda:

Challenge: Low-risk carbon footprint reduction

We are looking for eager-to-grow startups that will help assess the challenges that e-fuels will present in the future. Exploring the complete landscape: from the logistic chain, costs, security risk assessment, physical/chemical characteristics differences, to new technologies.


2. Challenge 2 Sponsored by APV (Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia):
Challenge: Daily port traffic prediction

We are looking for startups that can combine data from different sources, like market data, social networks sentiment, and innovative new data sources, and apply technologies like AI and Big Data to provide accurate and fast predictions of port traffic.


3. Challenge 3 Sponsored by Opentop:
Challenge: Container port dwell time forecast

We are looking for start-ups with innovative technological solutions capable of creating a tool/intelligence that provides a direct response to the challenge posed and of designing a business model that guarantees the sustainability of the solution.


4. Challenge 4 Sponsored by Opentop:
Challenge: Automatic inland container transport planning

We are looking for start-ups with disruptive technology solutions that can design an integrated planning system that can be easily accepted by all parties for the direct benefits they derive from it and that is sustained by those same benefits at no direct cost to any of the parties.


You have until 4th of December 2022  to submit your application.


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