Thinktur in english

Tourism Technology Platform – ThinkTur is a common forum where users share information and knowledge about the application of technology and innovation to solve real and specific problems in the tourism sector.

It is the grouping of all actors, technicians, scientists and industry interested in applying technology to strategically important tourism sector’s contribution to the goals of competitiveness, economic growth, sustainability and employment.


The ultimate goal of the platform is to contribute to sustainable growth of tourism, throught of the creation a network of strategic alliances and intellectual institutions concerning R + D + i Spanish; defining the strategy and developing the Strategic Research Agenda; generation of projects and transfer to the market; promotion of training activities and training sector; encouragement of the participation of tourism enterprises in R + D + i, collaboration with Public Administrations and advising on main lines and technological research priorities relevant to tourism; and contribution to the internationalization of Spanish tourism sector favoring a greater presence in the European environment.