MassChallenge Switzerland is now accepting applications for its 2022 accelerator programme!

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MassChallenge Switzerland is now accepting applications for its 2022 accelerator programme!

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Fecha: 28/02/2022

The MassChallenge Switzerland Accelerator 2022 has recently opened for applications!


The early-stage accelerator programme supports high potential startups from across the globe and runs from July to October 2022. MassChallenge charges its selected startups no fee and is equity-free, which means you don’t need to give up company shares in order to join. The aim of the programme is to help those entrepreneurs and innovators that are solving the world’s biggest challenges.


Participants in the programme will receive:

  • Access to a network of over 400 mentors and 3 entrepreneurs-in-residence
  • Demo-days to multinational corporations, including the likes of Nestlé, Bühler, Givaudan, DSM, Louis Dreyfus Company, Südzucker, Ricola, General Mills, Bystronic, SMC, Georg Fischer and more.
  • Talks given by leading entrepreneurs, VCs and experts
  • Switzerland-specific advice on regulations and tax, easy access to the EU market, and strong trade links
  • Opportunity to raise funds during or after the program
  • Up to €960k (CHF 1million) in no-equity, no-strings-attached, cash prizes!
  • And much more!


The MassChallenge Switzerland connects early-stage startups to the people and resources they need to launch and succeed, ensuring entrepreneurial growth and creating value the world over. The model speaks for itself, so far the Accelerator has helped more than 65% of finalists raise funds during or immediately after the programmes, has created over 16k jobs and has alumni of 492 startups.


The MassChallenge Accelerator has plenty of options for you to apply. There’s a main accelerator that all industries are applicable for, plus three tracks that are more geared to specific industries.


  • Switzerland Accelerator: The base programme, suitable for startups from all industries
  • Sustainable Food Solutions Track: For startups focused on sustainable food production from farm to fork. Including (but not limited to) precision farming, alternative proteins, CPGs, packaging, and so on.
  • Health Solutions Track: For innovators changing up the healthcare sector. This one’s for you if you’re involved in medtech, life sciences or social care
  • Climate Solutions Track: Focused on tackling one of the worlds greatest challenges? The Climate Solutions Track is for those solutions that are geared towards reducing emissions, plastic, and waste in any industry. The programme is especially interested in startups that can help manufacturing partners reduce their carbon footprint


Applications are open now and will close on February 28 – make sure to register now as entrepreneur on the MassChallenge platform and to apply soon!


The regular application fee is $25 per programme, but we have secured a unique discount code for EU-Startups readers. It provides you with $100 in application credits, so you can apply for up to 4 programs completely free of charge. Make sure to use the code: EUSTARTUPS2022


You can find out all the latest information about the MassChellenge Accelerator by clicking here, including top-tips for your application.

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