Mastercard Strive EU Innovation Fund

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Mastercard Strive EU Innovation Fund

Temática: TICs

Ámbito: Privado

Alcance: Europeo

Convocante: Mastercard

Fecha: 11/03/2024

€4.5 million in grants available.

Seeking innovative B2B solutions specifically designed or tailored for European small businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

This fund invites proposals for digital and data-first solutions that support small businesses in the European Union to:

  1. Unlock working capital and credit through embedded finance.
  2. Go digital safely by bolstering cybersecurity.
  3. Navigate evolving consumer preferences and regulatory expectations around environmental sustainability.
  4. Harness AI to save time and make more money.


Successful applicants will receive up to €500,000 to validate and develop their solutions over 12 to 18 months. Applications for €250,000 and above will require a minimum of 10% match funding. See terms and conditions for more information.


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