StarwAI Talent

Internacional – Contratación

StarwAI Talent

Temática: TICs

Ámbito: Privado

Alcance: Europeo

Convocante: BonsAPPs, StarwAI

Fecha: 31/03/2023

Apply for StarwAI before the next cut-off date: 31st March 2023 and receive up to 39.000 € for supporting SMEs in developing AI Solutions.

BonsAPPs and StarwAI are looking for natural persons and/or entities legally established in any of the EU member states and H2020 Associated Countries with the capacity to support the tasks of the AI model training (Data Science), AI development and Integration to low tech SMEs selected in European Projects.

Their projects were created in line with the EC’s AI Strategy for building an ecosystem of excellence that can support the development and uptake of AI across the European Union that will interoperate with the AI on-demand platform (AI4EU).


How does it work?

1. Submit your profile through the online form

2. BonsAPPs and StarwAI teams will review your offer with project minimum requirements (see each project Guidelines for more information)

3. Validated AI Talents will be informed about their validation via email and will be matched and paid for providing services in each project when the support programme starts.


More information here.

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