The 2020 best workplaces for innovators

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The 2020 best workplaces for innovators

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Convocante: Fast Comapny

Fecha: 20/03/2020

Last year, Fast Company launched a brand new list — Best Workplaces for Innovators — to identify company cultures that empower employees at all levels to improve processes, create new products, or invent new ways of doing business. Fifty companies from around the world — including multi-national conglomerates with tens of thousands of employees as well as a small non-profit with only a few dozen employees — were honored in our September issue for cultivating internal innovation.
This year, Best Workplaces for Innovators will also include an Innovation Team of the Year award, honoring teams whose creativity and passion have driven a major breakthrough for an applying company.
To compile the list, Fast Company collaborates with Accenture to evaluate the role innovation plays in company culture and operations.
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