The Startup Show

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The Startup Show

Temática: TICs

Ámbito: Privado

Alcance: Internacional

Convocante: NEBEXT

Fecha: 19/05/2024

Get ready for a game-changing opportunity in 2024 – introducing the Startup Show! Picture this: your chance to showcase your cutting-edge solutions in front of over 17,000 C-level executives actively seeking innovation.


This year, selected Startups will participate in The Startup Show, a new format where startups will share their innovations directly in front of the Industry representatives, Investors and other stakeholders in the main stages of Digital Business World Congress. We are looking for these new companies with high impact in sectors such as Banking & Insurance, Retail & eCommerce, Manufacturing & Industry 5.0, eMobility, Smart Cities, Digital Health, Entertainment, Tourism & Hospitality or Sustainability – we are looking for you!


Selected startups not only get the spotlight at the Startup Show but also earn the exclusive opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking innovations at the prestigious Digital Business World Congress. This unparalleled platform will unite influential investors, industry leaders, and companies deeply involved in open innovation. Winning startups will not only gain unparalleled visibility but also forge meaningful connections with key stakeholders, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and growth.


If you’re an entrepreneur or represent a startup or Technology Centre and believe you’re the best digital pioneer out there, don’t miss out! Apply now for a chance to be among the best of the best, performing live from June 11-13, 2024, at the Digital Business World Congress. Your innovation journey begins here!”

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