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While last year GenAI was grabbing everyone’s attention, 2024 it is going to be the year to test, implement and share results of Artificial Intelligence on business. We are seeing how generative AI affected both suppliers and customers. But not only that, companies who include AI in the online presentation of their services have been able to significantly increase their turnover. While generative AI is getting all the attention in terms of innovation, many other innovations in travel and technology will and are already influencing the way travel companies operate in the coming years and transforming the travel experience.


Travelers are now demanding unique and authentic experiences, hyper-personalization, sustainable options and are being inspired by their next adventure through a large variety of new channels. Travel industry must understand this ‘always-on’ digital lifestyle to respond correctly to all these new demands that are growing and have a huge impact on their businesses or destinations. Travelers are becoming used to more seamless journeys and expecting more from their travel providers.


Tourism Innovation Summit is devoted to create the largest marketplace where to find all the Travel Tech landscape and where to learn from the best use cases of tech applications on travel. During three days, our showroom gathers the most unique tech solutions for industry professionals to elevate their travel business or destination with Travel Tech. At the Tourism Innovation Global Summit the greatest minds will inspire and encourage disruptive conversation of this amazing chaning paradigm that together with high-level networking events in parallel will help us build long and lasting relationships to transform our industry. The future of the travel and tourism industry is defined by fast shifts and innovative trends. As technology, sustainability, and travellers preferences continue to evolve, businesses and organizations embracing these new trends are ready to stand out in a competitive market. Come and joins us elevating travel industry with tech.

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