Sharing Innovative Competence in Business Network


Sharing Innovative Competence in Business Network

Categoría: Humanidades, sociedad y ciencias jurídicas

Estado: Búsqueda de financiación - convocatorias públicas

Exchange of good practices in order to assess the positive impact on competitiveness and employment of new business models like that of SMEs network.
The proposed project aims to develop the theme of new business solutions in order to be introduced into the EU market.
In Italy, with the business network contract, it has produced a significant change in the business system , providing a more streamlined than traditional forms of aggregation but also more stable strategic and not merely a temporary association.


Purpose: publication of a book that collects the data and case studies analyzed , start networking between educational institutions , business and industry organizations , to launch a group active on the major social networks to create partnerships , entrepreneurial networks , network contracts , other aggregations on a European basis.

Acrónimo: COM-IN NET!
Presupuesto: 300.000 €
Calendario previsto: 24 meses
Nombre de la entidad: Instituto de Investigación Polibienestar
Tipo de entidad: Centro de Investigación
Persona de contacto: Mireia Ferri
Teléfono: 961625412
Dirección postal de contacto: C/ Serpis, 29
Correo electrónico:
Socios: –
Convocatoria: no convocatoria
Grupo estratégico: –
Línea estratégica: Humanidades, sociedad y ciencias jurídicas
Provincia: Valencia
Estado: Presentación de convocatorias públicas
Estado validación: pendiente de validar
Estado sello Thinktur: –

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